Lifestyle Management

This is just a nice catch phrase for all that it takes to get through your busy days and weeks. Errands are usually no problem for most except when the extenuating circumstances come about. Emergency surgery for yourself or a parent and you are out of state or unavailable.

We can assist new moms (gift certificates for blocks of time are a big hit!) out of state elders, those traveling to the area with students from other countries. We are here to help.

Home and Pets

Pet and House sitting

Your home and pets are investments and dearly loved. Don’t trust them to the child down the street.
We are professionals.

We look after second homes, vacation homes, can assist during flood damage, fire damage, remodeling or just taking care of Bunny over Thanksgiving!

Picture messages are sent so you know your pet is doing fine or that the home issue has been resolved.


Give us your schedule and we will get it done!

Surgical and Medical Support

Out of state parents, older parents

Emergency “C” — parent falls, elective surgery and your spouse just can’t help… we have drivers who will assist you into a surgical center and get you home again safely and with skill. We can help with your elderly parents to give you the peace of mind you want living out of state.

We will see that they have groceries, prescriptions and get to rehab.

We send email, text message and photo messages to provide you with first hand visuals of their status.


waiting for deliveries

Everyone is running short handed these days ‐ Shouldn’t your time be spent fielding the investor phone calls instead of waiting for carpet installation? Need your car repaired, serviced or detailed? We can take that off the list!

Our Staff is Your Staff — Just because you let your personal assistant go doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like some help coordinating the Holidays or a dinner party. We can assist and you don’t have to worry about keeping someone busy on a fulltime basis.

*** Most requests can be fulfilled within 24 hours. ***